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The Hottest Tech Companies To Work For That Are Hiring Right Now In Vietnam


Vietnam’s tech companies are hiring. Some are on what can only be described as a hiring spree, while others are looking to fill a few core positions, but the overall trend is clear. In tech, it’s a jobseekers’ market. Even in the current business cycle when cost control measures are the norm, the industry is showing admirable resilience and a healthy recruitment appetite, whereas other sectors have hit pause on hiring to safeguard businesses against the effects of COVID-19. The seeds planted in the past years have yielded a healthy crop of promising tech companies in industries ranging from healthcare and media to real estate and education. 

Having interviewed hundreds of tech startup founders for Vietcetera’s business trend features and in-depth interviews, we’ve come up with a list of the most dynamic companies operating and actively hiring in Vietnam right now. 

We’ve culled our list to include companies with fewer than 200 employees headquartered in or maintaining a significant operating team in Vietnam. Most importantly, they are all solving big challenges that our digital editor Hao Tran identified as crucial to establishing Vietnam as a digital economy.

If you meet all the criteria but do not see yourself on the list, get on our radar. We want to hear from you! Get in touch with our editor



Proptech startup Homebase provides customized co-investment plans where home buyers pay the portion they can afford, move in from the first day, and then buy out all or part of their stake when they are ready. The company uses big data, asset valuation models and financial engineering to make investment decisions and to help anyone realize their dream of homeownership. Homebase’s approach is to harness the power of technology to make homeownership affordable.

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James Vuong-6

Another Proptech company, RealStake, strives to democratize real estate in Vietnam and across Southeast Asia by making investment possible for everyone. RealStake provides a technology platform that allows people to invest with others in a property of their choosing with an amount they are comfortable with. RealStake’s mission is to make real estate investment accessible, safe and easy by solving three problems in their markets: access, risk reduction and efficiency.  

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Dat Bike

Dat Bike 9

Dat Bike, an e-bike hardware tech company, is the maker of Weaver, the most powerful electric motorbike for Vietnam. Emission-free and Vietnam-made (the founders are setting up a new, larger factory in Binh Duong to increase production capacity), Dat Bike offers sustainable transportation for everyone. At 80 kg, it’s one of the lightest motorbikes available, with aerodynamic design allowing the bike to achieve the highest on performance, speed and range.

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Modmo 9

Modmo, the maker of the Saigon e-bike, is based in Vietnam but ships predominantly to the U.S. and Europe. The Irish-founded company aims to convert drivers to cyclists by offering a sleek and super fast bike that features a powerful electric motor, integrated battery, Bluetooth, GPS and Modmo’s patented Modular Mounting system, allowing customers to add a child seat, basket, food delivery boxes and a pannier rack onto the bike. 

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One on One English

1 On 1

Based in Vietnam and Singapore, One On One English is an edtech startup looking to disrupt English language instruction in Southeast Asia. By connecting young learners with North American teachers in virtual classrooms designed to optimize learning, the company provides online ESL courses to children aged 6-16. One On One English’s vision is to become a leading education platform in Southeast Asia connecting teachers living all around the globe with children in the region.

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Teky Group 

Teky 1

The highly acclaimed Teky Group is the first STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) academy in Vietnam for children between the ages of 6 and 18. In addition to running labs in Vietnam’s first-tier cities and partnerships with schools to deliver technology courses, Teky has launched a coding camp where students learn technology skills over holiday periods, and is now developing an e-learning platform for students in remote provinces. 

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Jio Health

Jio Health Featured Image

An online healthcare app combining such services as telemedicine, e-pharmacy and doctor home visit bookings, Jio Health offers services digitally, while also providing a physical location for when it is needed. This allows the company to control every element of the customer’s journey and maintain the highest standards. The scope of their services ranges from pediatrics and primary care to chronic disease management and ancillary services.

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Doctor Anywhere

Doctor Anywhere 2

Doctor Anywhere, one of the largest digital healthcare companies in Singapore, has been present in Vietnam since mid-2019. The Doctor Anywhere app, the company’s core product, aims to optimize the entire healthcare experience by connecting patients with doctors anywhere at anytime, improving access to healthcare services. With Doctor Anywhere, patients can video consult doctors for healthcare concerns, with medications delivered to their doorstep.

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Thuocsi 1

Award-winning pharma distribution marketplace aims to improve the efficiency of the entire healthcare industry. The platform now serves thousands of pharmacies, clinics and hospitals across the country. BuyMed, the parent company, has expanded its network of suppliers, distributors and manufacturers, working closely with hundreds of partners to ensure the products received by end users are delivered in a timely manner. 

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Vietcetera Media

Vietcetera Media 2

Well, we couldn’t leave ourselves off this list, could we? Vietcetera Media, a Vietnamese media company headquartered in Saigon, is one of the country’s fastest-growing publishing platforms for a primarily millennial and Generation Z audience. Operating as a content hub for Vietnam, Vietcetera Media aims to be the content provider of choice for the emerging, increasingly savvy middle-class Vietnamese consumers, as well as for international business readers, overseas Vietnamese and travelers to Vietnam. The company’s mission is to bring Vietnam to the world, and the world to Vietnam. With a 770% year-on-year growth, it’s a chance to see millions of Vietnamese engaging with our product. 

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Amanotes, a fast-growing startup in Vietnam’s musictech industry, seeks to delight music lovers with interactive music experiences. Their ambition is to disrupt the entire music tech industry, starting with the music gaming landscape. Since its launch in 2014, the company has published over twenty music games and mobile applications with 900+ million downloads and 90+ million monthly active users worldwide.

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Telio 1

Using technology and data to build Vietnam’s largest B2B commerce platform, Telio connects small, traditional retailers with brands and wholesalers on a centralized platform. By aggregating demand, Telio is able to provide small retailers with more choice, better pricing and more efficient logistics. For brands and wholesalers, Telio offers more efficient turnover, reduced costs and better end-customer level data. Telio was one of Vietnam’s first startups to secure investment funds from Sequoia Capital.

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Holistics Vietnam

Holistics provides in-house data teams with a better way to operate a self-service analytics platform. Instead of maintaining multiple disparate SQL reports, Holistics allows data teams to model their raw data into data-sets with consistent metrics definitions. These data-sets help non-technical users understand the context of the data available and to generate their own reports, freeing them from over-reliance on data teams.

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Finhay 1

Finhay is a wealth management platform that helps millennials micro-invest in mutual funds. It is a one-stop-shop for financial services in Vietnam that helps investors to build wealth wisely. The company aims to serve the millennial micro-investor — one of the most underserved audiences. Finhay’s efforts were recognized by KPMG Fintech, the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam and at Techfest Vietnam.

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Backed by top venture capital investors, including 500 Startups Vietnam, Stably is a world-leading stablecoin and blockchain company building financial products and infrastructure for a globally connected and decentralized world. The company hopes to democratize access to financial services that used to be out of reach for many people, creating programmable money that anyone can build on top of, and creating infrastructure that allows money to be more frictionless and borderless.

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An app connecting Vietnam’s cottage industry of fruit growers with buyers, iTapHoa offers everyone from smallholder farmers to stay-at-home parents to students an opportunity to unlock an additional source of income. Fruit vendors can make up to 10,000,000 VND a month while enjoying full autonomy and providing communities with fresh, organic and affordable produce, with iTapHoa taking care of deliveries and logistics.

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