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Aug 22, 2022

The Sentry Z: A Green Space For Everyone

Across the iconic Saigon Zoo, The Sentry Z in District 1 will officially open its doors in November 2022.
The Sentry Z: A Green Space For Everyone

The Sentry Z is the first flexible office targeting to receive Vietnam's Lotus Green accreditation for fit-out, operation, and design. | Source: The Sentry, Designed by NU Architecture & Design

With seven locations in Vietnam, The Sentry is now Vietnam's largest grade A flexible office space provider. The real estate firm provides high-quality, inspiring, and flexible workspaces designed to offer maximum flexibility for companies in the ever-changing business climate.

More than a property management and project marketing firm, The Sentry also acts as technical specialists focused on building, managing, and operating flexible working and flexible living real estate solutions.

With the mission to build a shared community where people can connect and share ideas and passions across various industries, The Sentry Z is the first flexible office targeting to receive Vietnam's Lotus Green accreditation for fit-out, operation, and design. Inspired by the evergreen surrounding of the iconic Saigon Zoo and District 1, The Sentry Z is a first-of-its-kind — sustainable, hi-spec fit-out, 9-stories green flexible office building with locally recycled materials as part of the unique furniture and fixtures.

The Sentry Z is located in District 1, opening from Q4 2022. | Source: The Sentry

At The Sentry, communal spaces are the core of every location, designed to encourage natural interactions and connections. At The Sentry Z, 55% of the space is dedicated to the community - from the common work area to the wellness floor to the chill-out zone. On the lower ground floor, a napping zone consists of nap pods, providing proper rest for every employee.

There are nap pods available at The Sentry Z. | Source: The Sentry

For a flexible office space, meeting rooms are a must-have in the building. At The Sentry Z, meeting rooms ranging from 6 to 14 seats can cater from a small team huddle to a big office meeting.

Meeting rooms come in various sizes at The Sentry Z. | Source: The Sentry

What sets The Sentry Z apart from other buildings is an open rooftop garden placement. The over 40m2 spacious area can be used to host events and company breakouts. Staying away from the concrete jungle of Saigon, you are immersed in a green space filled with different varieties of trees and plants. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies and flora in the building, The Sentry Z is Vietnam's first sustainable, flexible office catering to the CSG requirements of future companies and leaders.

The Sentry Z's open rooftop garden. | Source: The Sentry

As the third The Sentry property located in District 1, alongside The Sentry Office Hub and The Sentry Connect, The Sentry Z's location is strategically located close to key landmarks in Ho Chi Minh, such as the Ho Chi Minh Government office, British Consulate General or US Consulate General. Similarly, there is a wide selection of quality lifestyle & F&B outlets, from hip coffee shops to “hidden gems” in the neighborhood restaurant scene, which are all walkable distances.

Opening from Q4 2022, an exclusive seat at The Sentry Z is VND 4,000,000/month, VND 2,500,000/month for a virtual seat, and VND 3,500,000 for a hybrid seat. However, these prices are subject to change, so don’t hesitate to contact The Sentry at for more information.