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Dec 08, 2023

Victor Vu’s Cinematic Triumph: ‘The Last Wife’ Takes Center Stage In North America

Celebrating 20 years of filmmaking, Victor Vu’s period drama is set to charm audiences in the US and Canada today.
Victor Vu’s Cinematic Triumph: ‘The Last Wife’ Takes Center Stage In North America

Kaity Nguyễn as “The Last Wife” | Source: 3388 Films

In a cinematic celebration of Vietnam’s rich 19th-century culture, renowned director Victor Vu is poised to enchant North American audiences with his latest creation, “The Last Wife.” This meticulously crafted period drama, marking Victor’s two-decade journey in filmmaking, promises to be a captivating ode to the strength of Vietnamese women.

“The Last Wife” explores the dichotomy of the rigid imperial 19th-century Nguyen Dynasty, offering a refreshing take on the period drama genre. Victor shares his vision, stating,
I wanted to tell a more personal, emotional story that takes place in Vietnam’s past, yet still relatable to a modern audience.”

Having dominated the domestic Vietnam box office, the film is poised to join the elite 100-billion-dollar club. Now, thanks to exclusive North American theatrical distributor 3388 Films, “The Last Wife” is ready to cast its spell in US and Canadian theaters starting December 8.

Born and raised in Southern California, Victor Vu stands as one of Vietnam’s most prolific modern-day directors. Films like “Dreamy Eyes” and “Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass” have not only achieved critical acclaim but also earned their place among the highest-grossing films in Vietnam cinema history.

Director Victor Vu

Thien A. Pham of 3388 Films commends Victor’s ability to showcase the beauty of Vietnam, past and present, with each cinematic creation. Inspired by the novel “The Lake of Vengeance,” “The Last Wife” is set against the backdrop of 19th-century Vietnam during the Nguyen Dynasty, offering a tale of love, societal pressure, and unexpected twists.

Starring Kaity Nguyễn and Thuận Nguyễn, “The Last Wife” is a collaborative production of Lotte Entertainment, TFilm Entertainment, and November Films. Here’s your chance to be part of this cinematic journey into Vietnam’s past – catch “The Last Wife” in select theaters across the US and Canada starting today, December 8, 2023.

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