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Oct 17, 2022

Vietnamese Film ‘Chìa Khoá Trăm Tỷ’ Debuts In The US At The Newport Beach Film Festival

Directed by critically acclaimed Vietnamese actor turned director Võ Thanh Hoà, Chìa Khoá Trăm Tỷ (A Hundred Billion Key) is the Vietnamese adaptation of the hit Japanese comedy film Key of Life.
Vietnamese Film ‘Chìa Khoá Trăm Tỷ’ Debuts In The US At The Newport Beach Film Festival

(L-R) Jun Vũ as HỒ PHƯƠNG, Anh Tú as CAO CHÍ DŨNG, Kiều Minh Tuấn as PHAN THẠCH, and Thu Trang as MAI MAI | Source: 3388 Films

Vietnamese blockbuster hit Chìa Khoá Trăm Tỷ (A Hundred Billion Key), the Vietnamese adaptation of the award-winning hit Japanese comedy film, Key of Life, written and directed by Kenji Uchida, is set to debut at the Newport Beach Film Festival as its 2022 Vietnamese Spotlight film on October 19. Not only that but the film will also be released in select US theaters before the month ends.

Chìa Khoá Trăm Tỷ is a story of perfect strangers Thach (Kiều Minh Tuấn), Mai (Thu Trang), and Dung (Anh Tú). Thach is a notoriously successful assassin who suffered amnesia after a fateful encounter with Dung, a struggling everyday man trying to climb up from the bottom of the barrel. Then there’s Mai, the female taxi driver desperately trying to escape the life of an old maid. The trio’s lives get tossed upside down through funny chance encounters, pulling them through a surprising and hysterical journey.

Their lives, along with others involved, become unexpectedly interlaced in this hilarious and wacky story of chance and new beginnings. The 118-minute movie offers a good mix of action, comedy, and romance. The movie also stars Jun Vũ as Hồ Phương.

Directed by the “hundred billion dollar director” Võ Thanh Hoà, who earned his nickname after his films bagged VND100 billion blockbuster at the local box office, continued his win streak with Chìa Khoá Trăm Tỷ when the film topped the Vietnam box office its opening weekend earlier this year.

The critically acclaimed director said that with this film, “the most difficult aspect for me was how to create a better ending than the other versions.” Ultimately, “I’m satisfied with the ending of the film,” and my work on this film has “helped me gain more experience and confidence to create more and more interesting Vietnamese works of art.”

alt Mr. Thien A. Pham of 3388 Films, the exclusive North American distributor of Chìa Khoá Trăm Tỷ told Vietcetera, “This film does a fantastic job of taking audiences on a fun and entertaining ride where they can imagine the different liberating ways our lives can transform in simple split moments.”

Produced by Orange Films with a US release by 3388 Films, Hoà’s cinematic masterpiece is scheduled to play in select theaters across the US starting Friday, October 28.