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Apr 13, 2024

Vietnam’s Indie Communities Celebrate Cổ Động’s Seventh Anniversary

On March 30, Cổ Động threw a vibrant street-style 7th birthday party, supported by Ash Asia Vietnam– the official distributor of Marshall speakers and headphones.
Vietnam’s Indie Communities Celebrate Cổ Động’s Seventh Anniversary

Source: Cổ Động

“Cổ Động, không Cực Đoạn” (Support, Not Extremism).

This motto has been the heartbeat of Cổ Động for the past seven years, serving as the simplest introduction from the start. As a beacon of art and culture media, Cổ Động has devoted itself to igniting and fostering the growth of contemporary cultural communities in Vietnam.

Just recently, Cổ Động marked its seventh anniversary with a grand Block Party, a celebration that saw the gathering of dear friends from the skateboarding, breakdance, and graffiti circles alongside the indispensable presence of the Indie/Underground music scene in Saigon.

A dazzling display of skateboarding, breakdance, graffiti, and an array of engaging activities at the Cổ Động celebration. | Source: Cổ Động

While the Block Party concept is new to Vietnam, it draws its roots from community gatherings in minority neighborhoods of the US. These gatherings are typically held outdoors and involve various activities to unite community members.

Bringing the spirit of the Block Party to Vietnam, the Cổ Động birthday bash served as a nexus for street culture communities. It provided a platform for individuals to express their hobbies and skills, united by the shared ethos of authenticity, originality, and a zeal for pursuing their passions.

Why not groove with Cổ Động? | Source: Cổ Động

Highlights of the Cổ Động Block Party

Beyond the eclectic mix of graffiti, breakdance, skateboarding, and grooving to the beats of DJs and Indie bands, the party also sparked interest in the audiences for its Listening corner - an analog sound immersion with Marshall headphones from Ash Asia Vietnam and vinyl turntables from Project Audio.

This combination was no mere coincidence but a deliberate choice: it embodies the aspiration to convey the deepest sense of authenticity and originality to those celebrating at the Cổ Động birthday party.

Dive into the musical journey with Ash Asia Vietnam and Marshall. | Source: Cổ Động

Embracing a commitment to the community, Ash Asia Vietnam is on a mission to forge meaningful connections among the music-loving community across the region, including Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. This past February, Ash Asia Vietnam joined forces with local artists for a vibrant vinyl music and cultural exchange and participated in the Pelulo Music Festival in Pattaya, Thailand.

Looking ahead, Ash Asia Vietnam aims to bring true values to the community and offer unique privileges to loyal friends who always respect, support, and spread genuine values, brands, and products.

Following experiencing the listening corner and a series of dynamic activities, guests wholeheartedly engaged with tunes from Indie bands such as Homeland Artists, Potato Carrot Color Powder, Lazy Eel, Thịnh Suy, and 1818.

The audience energetically resonated with Indie bands like Homeland Artists, Bột Màu Khoai Tây Cà Rốt, Con Lười Lươn Lẹo, Thịnh Suy, and 1818. | Source: Cổ Động

Basking in the raw energy of the street-styled bash, Ha Linh expressed to Vietcetera: “I was really impressed with the spirit of the Block Party. I hope there will be more parties like this because not only did the music, but Cổ Động and Ash Asia Vietnam truly managed to connect the street communities together.”

Ash Asia Vietnam, the authorized distributor of Marshall speakers and headphones, is honored to support Cổ Động celebrating its seventh anniversary, aiming to disseminate authentic values across the street culture community.

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