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Oct 04, 2021

Why Do We Need A Facial Cleansing Device?

How do you know which facial cleansing brush with its revolutionary features would suit your skin types?

Why Do We Need A Facial Cleansing Device?

Essential home facial cleansing products for your skincare routine. | Source: FOREO


The revolutionary features in the latest facial cleansing brushes provide us with superior skincare and tons of other benefits. However, to find a device that suits your skin type, there are many things you need to take into consideration. 

The skin-care industry has witnessed the increasing emergence of new beauty trends over the past few years. “Skip-care” is one of the latest skin-care methods that aims to simplify your routine yet maximize its effectiveness. 

In a skin-care routine, cleansing is considered an essential step. Customers nowadays realize that they are not satisfied with elementary tools like hands and face towels anymore, but are demanding a more superior cleansing with the help of technical devices. Therefore, facial cleansing brush has emerged as a ‘must-have’ gadget in every skincare routine and proved to provide a much more effective cleansing than the traditional way.  

Skincare routine becomes more effective thanks to the advent of home beauty gadgets | Source: FOREO

Is it worth the price?

According to a GlobeNewsWire report, the value of home beauty device market is predicted to reach about $45 million by 2030, advancing at a 20.4% CAGR between 2020 and 2030. Clearly, global users tend to have a larger budget for the convenience of cutting-edge technology featured on beauty products.

Facial cleansing devices are attracting a great interest in the market. | Source: FOREO

However, the question is whether these tech-based beauty devices could really deliver amazing results as other people say?

According to Doctor CKI Nguyen Phuong Thao, the specialist director of Pensilia Beauty Clinic, ‘For daily skincare, consider your skin type before using a facial cleansing device. For example, the physicians will recommend this technical gadget to those with oily and acne skin for a deeper cleanse and avoiding blind pimples. For normal or dry skin, the device will give you a massage during cleaning and boost your skin excretory system.”

Meanwhile in Vietnam, blogger Phương Ly, after taking on a 7-day-not-using-facial-brush challenge, has to admit the amazing results of the facial brush compared to the traditional cleansing method.

Overall, an investment in these homecare beauty devices will complete your personalized facial treatment and take your skincare to a pro-level. The fact that our living environment is highly polluted also poses a real threat to our skin health, causing premature skin aging. It would be devastating to think about how our skin condition would deteriorate in the future without the help of technology.

Begin your ‘deeply clean' skincare routine with a facial brush

The advent of vibrating facial-cleansing brushes has been navigating our view on how we take care of our skin. However, how to use such a costly cleansing device properly and how to enjoy its full benefits are common considerations among customers.

Cleansing is a must-to-do step in a skincare routine, and these facial cleansing devices will help you not only with ultimate cleanliness but also avoid transferring the bacteria from your hands to your face.

A multi-functional cleansing device

Many tech players in the market have introduced a lot of multi-functional facial brushes in various shapes. Among those, LUNA 3  from FOREO with its superior features really stands out among beauty enthusiasts.​​

FOREO LUNA 3 with many other features besides deep cleansing | Source: FOREO 

Compared with LUNA 2, LUNA 3 is a real revolution. The latest FOREO gadget can cover a 30% larger skin surface with longer and softer bristles to target each and every pore on your skin, giving you a more gentle and thorough cleanse. 

In addition to its main feature - deep cleanse specialized for three different skin types, LUNA 3 offers a variety of massage routines that help tighten the skin for a refined, younger-looking complexion.

Four tutorials for your massage facial techniques on FOREO app | Source: FOREO

Equipped with the exclusively T-SonicTM massage,  FOREO LUNA 3 is also connected with a message tracking app called “FOREO For You,” allowing you to adjust the pulsation levels and cleansing time that best suit different facial zones. This is the superior feature that could satisfy every demanding customer. Plus, with a single USB charge, your FOREO LUNA 3 could last up to 650 uses - the longest battery life ever.

Cleansing time is customized for different facial zones. | Source: FOREO  

If financial matters are not an issue to you and you are in search of an effective anti-aging solution and deep cleanse at the age of over 25, FOREO LUNA 3 plus will be the best option. LUNA 3 plus is featured with Thermo-Tech that provides you a facial cleanse at the perfect temperature for your skin. Plus, the device also offers target microcurrent treatments that gently generate your skin, thereby firming and rejuvenating your skin.

Guidelines for how to use a facial cleansing brush effectively. | Source: FOREO 

Use your facial cleansing device properly

Washing your face is necessary at particular times of the day. Asides from before bedtime and after waking up in the morning, it is also equally important to cleanse our skin after workouts or outdoor activities. From now on, you should take care of your skin before and after exercising.

Before exercise: Cleanse your face with a FOREO device one minute before exercising. This would help unclog pores, thereby discharging sweat and intoxicants more effectively. 

After exercise:  Any intense physical activities would leave your skin covered in sweat, bacteria, and dead cells, which would put you at risk of infection or irritation if not being removed immediately. Therefore, giving your skin a deep cleanse after workout is very essential, not only to remove the dirt but also to help detox your skin.

In the time of extensive lockdown, a home workout will provide protection for our health and remind us to spare time to take care of our skin. 

Dos and don'ts when using facial cleansing devices: 


- Massage gently, especially on vulnerable acne areas.

- Use foam or cream cleansers. Avoid clay-based, grainy cleansers or scrubs as they may damage the soft silicon touchpoints.

- Choose the right cleansers for your skin types, considering your needs and age. For example, a multi-functional device would suit the needs of those over 25 worrying about the signs of aging. 

- For those like high school or college students who are on a tight budget, we recommend a LUNA mini rather than a full-size device.  

-  Read the FOREO’s manual guide carefully to take good care of your device for long-lasting use. 


- Use devices for sensitive skin without consulting the physicians or dermatologists, especially for those with pregnancy or whose skins are in treatment with retinol or BHA.  

-  Use products of unknown origin, replicas, dupes, or poor-quality products at low prices. This would result in long-term damage and irritation to your skin.

- Share your device with other people for the reason of hygiene.  

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