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Jul 05, 2024

Why Overseas Vietnamese Are Coming Back And How A Vietnamese Bank Is Capturing Their Talent

If "settling abroad" was once the goal for many Vietnamese seeking a better quality of life, what is now driving the overseas Vietnamese community to consider the opposite trend?
Why Overseas Vietnamese Are Coming Back And How A Vietnamese Bank Is Capturing Their Talent

Source: Techcombank

A decade ago, "settling abroad" was a lifelong goal for many Vietnamese people, with access to more competitive job markets and prestigious educational opportunities. However, a recent survey by Robert Walters (RW) reveals that 71% of overseas Vietnamese are looking to return to their homeland within the next five years. This percentage is at least 10% higher compared to other Southeast Asian countries

What compelling factors are now drawing the overseas Vietnamese community back to their homeland?

Understanding the Trend of Overseas Vietnamese Returning Home

A recent survey by Robert Walters (RW) highlights five key factors driving the wave of overseas Vietnamese returning to their homeland:

  • Emotional, cultural, and social ties to Vietnam
  • Attractive career opportunities
  • Proximity to family for convenient care of parents and relatives
  • Improving living standards in Vietnam
  • Unfavorable economic conditions abroad, such as tax, take-home pay, and expensive living costs
Source: Techcombank

Among these, career opportunities in Vietnam stand out, with 53% of survey participants citing this as the primary reason for their return. Vietnam is rapidly emerging as a country with impressive economic growth, attracting substantial foreign investment and multinational companies like LEGO, NVIDIA—the world's most valuable chipmaker—and HANA Micron, a semiconductor company from South Korea.

The high-tech sector in Vietnam, in particular, offers numerous high-skilled career opportunities. However, the rate of trained labor with degrees and certificates is only around 27 - 27.5%. To bridge this gap, businesses are increasingly seeking human resources from overseas Vietnamese and foreign workers.

Compared to foreign workers, overseas Vietnamese have the advantage of cultural and language familiarity while also bringing international work experience, having been trained with the world's leading technology, a global mindset, and strong critical thinking skills. This makes them an ideal solution to the challenge of sourcing high-quality human resources in Vietnam.

How Techcombank Rides the Upcoming Waves

Recognizing the potential of attracting overseas Vietnamese talent, Techcombank launched the pioneering "Overseas Talent Roadshow" in 2022. This initiative made Techcombank the first Vietnamese bank to organize a global recruitment campaign targeting this valuable talent pool.

Techcombank's first "Overseas Talent Roadshow" in 2022. | Source: Techcombank

The campaign ran for two years (2022 and 2023), visiting key financial and technology hubs around the world, including Singapore, the UK, the US, and Australia. In each country, the Roadshow inspired and connected with 4,600 overseas Vietnamese professionals interested in returning to Vietnam. Many of these individuals have already been part of Techcombank, contributing to its mission to "change banking, change lives."

In early 2023, Techcombank further demonstrated its commitment by being the main sponsor at the Overseas Vietnamese Summit: HOMECOMING, organized by Vietcetera. This event provided a platform for Techcombank to share its ambitious vision and mission with the overseas Vietnamese community.

The participants of Overseas Vietnamese Summit: HOMECOMING took a tour of Techcombank's main office in HCMC. | Source: Techcombank

A highlight of the summit was an exclusive tour of Techcombank ’s Head Office at 23 Le Duan, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Through the tour, participants got to experience Techcombank's dynamic work environment and vibrant culture firsthand, showcasing the bank’s serious investment in attracting top talent from abroad.

Nguyen Viet Cuong, a participant in the 2022 Singapore Roadshow, is now Senior Data Science Manager at Techcombank. | Source: Techcombank

Nguyen Viet Cuong, a Senior Data Science Manager at Techcombank, is one such success story from the 2022 Singapore Roadshow. Cuong shared, “I was very impressed by the professionalism of the program and the dedicated support from the recruitment team.

This was a rare opportunity to interact with the leadership team of a major bank and understand the company’s vision and culture. After hearing the CEO’s presentation and having in-depth discussions with Mr. Santhosh - Chief Data Officer, I felt deeply inspired and decided to return to Vietnam and join Techcombank. Initially, I was a bit anxious, but thanks to the warm support from the Techcombank team, I quickly adapted to the new environment.”

This year, Techcombank is elevating the Overseas Talent Roadshow 2024 with a fresh, hybrid format that combines online and in-person elements. This innovative approach promises to broaden career opportunities in Vietnam for potential candidates, making it more accessible and engaging.

Jens Lottner - Techcombank's CEO | Source: Techcombank

Techcombank’s CEO, Mr. Jens Lottner, shared, “This year's roadshows build upon the successful overseas roadshows we conducted in 2022 and 2023, which were dedicated to attracting top-tier talent to strengthen our bank's workforce. The roadshow will also provide an excellent opportunity for potential candidates to learn more about Techcombank, our culture, and the exciting career opportunities we offer.

We believe this initiative will further solidify our commitment to nurturing a world-class team, driving innovation, and ensuring our continued success in the banking industry.”

Learn more about the Overseas Talent Roadshow and explore exciting career opportunities at Techcombank here.

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