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May 16, 2024

5 Things Wikipedia Doesn’t Tell You About Thao Trang, Hellbound Village Author

Are horror authors terrified of horror stories?
5 Things Wikipedia Doesn’t Tell You About Thao Trang, Hellbound Village Author

Source: Have a Sip

So far, it’s clear that Hellbound Village (Tết ở làng địa ngục) has been successful. The plot, inspired by folk tales, and the makeup team’s dedication to scaring the audience have helped the film stand out. It has even surpassed foreign blockbusters and reached the top spot on many online movie platforms shortly after its release.

Few people might know that writer Thao Trang, a key figure in the film crew, once doubted her book would ever be published. Alongside the film’s significant achievements, does Thao Trang have anything else to share about her first work?

1. What Pressures Did Thao Trang Face When Her First Book Became A "Hit"?

Honestly, part of the pressure Trang feels comes from… her parents. Her mother even joked that she would remove Trang from the household registration book if part 2 didn’t bring her favorite characters back to life *laughs*.

2. Why Did Thao Trang Decide To Write Ghost Stories?

I used to work in a factory in a job that involved a lot of numbers. Our customers come from various countries like Korea, Japan, China, Russia, and across Europe. One thing that surprised Trang is that everyone shares a strong passion for Vietnamese ghost stories.

Additionally, the constant focus on numbers in my job left me feeling a bit empty. At that time, I started telling ghost stories to lift my spirits. Ghost stories are a popular and familiar form of entertainment in Vietnam; almost everyone has heard them from their grandmother, mother, or even a neighbor.

3. Is Thao Trang Terrified Of The Ghost Stories She’s Written?

Compared to the story I wrote, I feel the corpses in the movie are much more terrifying. I once asked Mr. Tran Huu Tan, the director of Hellbound Village, if it was necessary to make the horror so intense.

4. What Does Thao Trang Drink While She Writes?

For me, it’s jasmine tea. This is a common drink during Hanoi winters. To be honest, there’s no profound reason for choosing jasmine tea other than the comfort it brings me.

5. What Else Does Thao Trang’s "Universe" Of Horror Offer?

  • As Tet approaches, there will be board games based on Hellbound Village.
  • The theatrical film The Soul Reaper (Kẻ ăn hồn) will be accompanied by a novel.
  • Apart from Hellbound Village, Trang has another book titled Ngủ cùng người chết, also in the horror genre. Horror serves as the "mantle" I use to address the issues I want to highlight. If Tet in Hell Village explores herd mentality, then Sleeping with the Dead delves into the problem of human trafficking at the border.

Translated by Thúy An

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