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Nov 22, 2023

6 Ways Kamereo Is Revolutionizing The Food Supply Chain In Vietnam

Kamereo is changing how food is sourced, making it faster and more cost-effective.
6 Ways Kamereo Is Revolutionizing The Food Supply Chain In Vietnam

Kamereo’s goal is to help food professionals be more creative and let technology take care of the hard parts.

In the world of food supply, complexities have often posed hurdles that demand solutions. Enter Kamereo – a platform leveraging technology to revolutionize operations. Kamereo is modernizing the traditional practices within Vietnam’s food supply chain, tackling historical challenges head-on. The days of uncertainty surrounding food origins, sluggish processes, and high costs are giving way to a transformed approach, thanks to Kamereo’s efforts.

Kamereo’s CEO and co-founder, Taku Tanaka, explains that they saw the problems in how things worked and decided to use technology to fix them. Kamereo is dedicated to enhancing operations within Vietnam’s food industry by leveraging technology to streamline processes and improve transparency.

Kamereo isn’t just a regular platform. It’s changing how food businesses work. Their goal is to help food professionals be more creative and let technology take care of the hard parts.

With a solid introduction to Kamereo’s transformative mission and its role as a precursor of change in the traditional food supply chain, here are six distinct ways this dynamic platform is reshaping the landscape. Each element weaves seamlessly into the narrative of Kamereo’s impact, illustrating its role as a pioneer in revolutionizing the food supply chain in Vietnam.

These pioneering approaches span product diversification, uncompromising quality, seamless warehousing and logistics, streamlined procurement processes, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service.


1. A Bounty of Diversity

A Bounty of Diversity

Kamereo’s product catalog showcases a remarkable diversity of over 1,000 varieties, encompassing vegetables, fruits, meats, dried foods, and beverages. This comprehensive selection is thoughtfully curated to address a wide spectrum of purchasing needs. What sets Kamereo apart is the consistent effort to refresh its offerings and update its stock-keeping units (SKUs) on a weekly basis, a practice that distinguishes it in the industry.

Customers, including restaurant owners like Benno Bento, have expressed satisfaction with Kamereo’s convenient service, which delivers both availability and quality. For businesses like Benno Bento, sourcing specific ingredients, particularly for international cuisine, can be time-consuming. Kamereo’s dedication to providing a convenient platform for accessing a wide range of quality products aligns with its mission to simplify ingredient procurement and save customers valuable time in their culinary operations.

2. Uncompromising Quality and Freshness

Uncompromising Quality and Freshness

Kamereo places quality at the forefront of its offerings, meticulously sourcing products from its warehouse systems in HCMC and farms in Dalat. This rigorous approach ensures excellence and freshness daily, underscoring Kamereo’s steadfast commitment to providing top-tier ingredients for culinary creations.

La Haye Kitchen & Bar and Sweet Soong both agree that Kamereo’s commitment to uncompromising quality and freshness resonates with their culinary needs. They affirm that Kamereo’s sourced products from its warehouse systems in HCMC and farms in Dalat consistently meet their high standards, making Kamereo an invaluable partner for their culinary endeavors.


3. Seamless Warehousing and Logistics

Seamless Warehousing and Logistics

Kamereo’s dedication to seamless warehousing and logistics is evident in its efficient warehouse system, which allows it to fulfill nearly every order, including accommodating late-night requests and ensuring timely delivery. However, it’s not just about speed; it’s about providing the highest standards of quality and accuracy. Kamereo achieves this through a cornerstone of their operations – the co-inspection of goods, a policy that reinforces their unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality and accurate customer orders.

In addition to these operational strengths, Kamereo goes the extra mile to enhance customer satisfaction. They offer free delivery for orders over VND400,000, demonstrating their commitment to affordability and convenience for their valued customers. Moreover, Kamereo has extended its service reach to Binh Duong, expanding its availability beyond HCMC. They understand that businesses have varied needs, so Kamereo offers flexible Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) to cater to the specific requirements of their customers in both locations. This customer-centric approach sets Kamereo apart as a reliable partner in the culinary industry, where quality, convenience, and affordability come together seamlessly.

4. Streamlined Procurement Process

Streamlined Procurement Process

Kamereo has greatly changed how businesses get the things they need. They use a particular computer system on their app and website to be the only place you have to go for supplies. This means you no longer have to deal with the old, slow way of getting things. It saves you time and makes fewer mistakes, so you can get what you need faster and with fewer problems.

As the chef of the modern Middle Eastern restaurant, The Tangerine, attests, Kamereo’s contribution is invaluable. The availability of high-quality input supplies through Kamereo has simplified raw material management and enhanced overall business control. With Kamereo, businesses like The Tangerine can be thoroughly assured and satisfied, knowing they have a reliable partner that streamlines procurement and ensures top-notch quality inputs, ultimately contributing to their culinary success.


5. Competitive and Stable Price Points

Competitive and Stable Price Points

Kamereo’s approach to payments is centered around providing genuine value to its partners. While they offer various payment methods for convenience, their primary commitment lies in delivering competitive pricing that benefits their partners. This dedication to affordability underscores Kamereo’s mission of fostering strong, mutually beneficial relationships.

Kamereo understands that in business, value is paramount. They prioritize delivering competitive pricing that empowers partners to maximize returns and achieve success. Whether partners choose from a diverse range of payment options or competitive pricing, Kamereo stands by its commitment to supporting partner businesses at every stage. This focus on value-driven partnerships remains at the core of Kamereo’s philosophy.

6. Exceptional Customer Service

Exceptional Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is a driving force for Kamereo. Their customer service is not just responsive; it’s exceptional, assisting even during late hours. This dedication ensures partners have a reliable and supportive ally throughout their journey.

With a commitment to technology, transparency, and customer-centricity, Kamereo is paving the way for a more efficient, connected, and dynamic future in the food service industry. As their journey unfolds, Kamereo continues to redefine what’s possible, one innovation at a time.