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May 06, 2024

Celebrating 78 Years Of Iconic Scooters: How Vespa Captured Vietnamese Hearts

Commemorating Vespa’s 78th anniversary, look back on a heritage that transcends decades, evoking a deep admiration for the Italian ageless appeal.
Celebrating 78 Years Of Iconic Scooters: How Vespa Captured Vietnamese Hearts

Gianluca Fiume, General Director of Piaggio Vietnam on one of the most iconic scooters of the planet. Source: Piaggio Vietnam

For 78 years, Vespa’s sleek design and unparalleled craftsmanship have captured the hearts of millions worldwide. In Vietnam, where the streets pulse with energy and vitality, Vespa has found its perfect canvas for expression. The Italian ride has woven itself into the fabric of Vietnamese culture, becoming more than just a means of transportation - a symbol of style, passion, and community.

From bustling city streets to serene countryside roads, Vespa has become an iconic fixture, embodying the spirit of freedom and individuality. Whether zipping through traffic or leisurely cruising along coastal roads, Vespa riders exude a sense of confidence and style that is uniquely their own.

As Vespa celebrates its 78th anniversary, Gianluca Fiume, General Director of Piaggio Vietnam, reflects on the brand’s journey in Vietnam and how the iconic scooter has become an integral part of Vietnamese culture.

Whenever on the streets, Vespa always stands out and becomes an iconic figure that never fades in the hearts of Vietnamese consumers, especially the youth. From your perspective, what makes this brand so attractive to Vietnamese consumers?

Similar to other countries in which Vespa has set foot, in Vietnam, the brand has always been highly appreciated by its supporters for the special emotions it brings. Vespa’s 78th anniversary is a remarkable milestone of “turning back while looking ahead": we reflect on the journey of Vespa for the past 78 years - the spirit, shape & chemistry of an icon linked to the heritage, but also the evolution of the brand in the current narrative. Vespa is neither a product nor a brand. It’s beyond a brand, bringing an emotional connection to the consumers. With its reputation as an iconic Italian symbol, the brand has helped us tap into the spirit of embracing the love of beauty in every Vietnamese individual.

“Each Vespa is a “stimulation” for the community to express their emotion and personality freely” | Source: Piaggio Vietnam

What constitutes Vespa’s premium and sophisticated standard?

The integration of the aesthetic design and functionality elements creates “the vibe.” Vespa’s “main protagonist” focuses on the consumers, who express their identities through the most iconic scooter on the planet.

The essence of Vespa lies in each consumer, those who truly take the wheel. The scooter isn’t just a focal point; it’s the rider’s companion. Together, we’ll craft a Vespa experience that reflects your true essence. The expressions and reactions of each individual are colorfully dynamic, all while sharing a common ground: our interaction with Vespa. In other words, each Vespa serves as a catalyst for our supporters to express their emotions and personalities freely.

Individuals diversify the “Delight—Entertaining and Wow” factors. This diversity is paramount for us and serves as the foundation for Vespa’s ongoing evolution. It’s also the driving force behind our journey to bring different emotions of beauty, joy, freedom, and surprises. It is our strength and the footprint for our development.

The market is not just a place to do business but a conversation around emotions and stories.

Influencer Fabo Nguyen in a collaboration with Vespa in Vietnam | Source: Piaggio Vietnam

We all know that a brand’s longevity and impact extend far beyond the mere provision of products or the cultivation of an image. Indeed, it’s about forging connections and fostering a sense of belonging. Being well-known as a leading figure in the emotion industry, what is Vespa’s key approach to leveraging the power of its people, the creativity of Vietnamese artists, and craftsmanship?

For me, the market is an ongoing conversation around the emotions and stories that people and Vespa convey to each other. The main players are the Vietnamese people, who make everything possible by harmonizing with the vibes that Vespa expresses: liberty, art, happiness, smile, joy of life, and feelings.

At Piaggio, we emphasize that "People" is our fifth brand, besides the four iconic brands Vespa, Piaggio, Moto Guzzi, and Aprilia. People of Vespa are an ecosystem of all our employees, partners, suppliers, Authority agencies, and most importantly, our Customers, who are always at the core of our strategies and daily actions. We are all synchronized and committed to delivering “Delight, Entertaining, and Wow” to our supporters.

With the strong development of the Vinh Phuc factory, what is Vespa’s secret to exploring Vietnamese Creativity?

Actually, our Vinh Phuc Factory is a laboratory for creating emotions that are infused into each product. Our factory might feature the application of the most advanced technology and automotive machinery. However, it is not the deciding factor, and people are the factors that make up our personality and brand’s DNA. We aim to foster an environment where everyone is valued and respected while contributing to the creation of joy. Consequently, when Customers purchase a Vespa, they’re not just buying a scooter but investing in a narrative, a piece of artistry.

Gianluca Fiume, General Director of Piaggio Vietnam in recent interview | Source: Piaggio Vietnam

Why did Vespa choose Vietnam as the brand’s next destination?

There are various factors behind our decision to choose Vietnam. Vietnam offers a suitable geographic and business landscape for our industry, alongside a strong potential for development. More than that, by sharing a common love for beauty and design with the Italians, the Vietnamese have wholeheartedly embraced Vespa’s essence, creating a harmonious fusion of vibes that embodies the ethos of Italian and Vespa culture. All make up our journey of the 16 years and are ongoing.

This April also marks the 7th anniversary of my arrival in Vietnam. Over the past seven years, I have been not only a businessman but a citizen of this land, living and working in my own home. That gives me a lot of positive energy and motivates me to continue thriving in my journey.