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Dec 21, 2022
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Dining Out For Christmas? Don’t Miss Out On These Merry Menus

We've scoured the most festive menus in Saigon so you can satisfy your Christmas cravings.
Dining Out For Christmas? Don’t Miss Out On These Merry Menus

Source: Lien Sterkens

In case you haven’t noticed the giant decorated trees or cute lights everywhere: Christmas is near! My favorite season for… scouring for the best festive menus. While hotel buffets are being booked solid, I promoted myself to Santa’s Little Helper to help you find the best solution to your Christmas cravings.

Here is my top of 5 merry munchies this year:

1. P’ti Saigon Brunch Buffet

Hungover from the Christmas party, afraid you won’t make the hotel breakfast? Don’t worry, P’ti Saigon offers a hotel-style buffet without having to book a staycation. Every Sunday for the last three years, they offer a delicious French-inspired buffet with fresh seafood, French cheeses, high-quality cold cuts, fresh bread, a gorgeous pastry section, and even fresh sushi and sashimi! Believe me when I say that doesn’t even cover it all.

P’ti Saigon’s cold cut and fresh salad section. Don’t miss their signature pâté en croûte! Source: Lien Sterkens

Now, for Christmas, it’s an even bigger party than usual. The talented pastry chef will whip up beautiful yule logs, delicate chocolate treats, and Christmas-y desserts. Next to that, traditional French treats. You can even try Italy’s favorite Christmas bread, the Panettone. The beauty of this buffet (and where you get your money’s worth) are the hot dishes à la carte, like the foie gras.

Look at these cute Christmas scenes! Source: P’ti Saigon

For Chef Sakal Phoeung, the buffet item that reminds him most of Christmas is the roasted chestnuts. As a kid in France, he even went foraging for them himself in the woods. So if you’re looking to taste a hint of Chef Sakal Phoeung’s nostalgia, definitely add the roasted chestnuts to your plate.

Check out P’ti Saigon if you’re looking for a family-friendly open space with classy music and a never-ending buffet with flavors from all over the world.

I love the open space at P’ti Saigon; very chill atmosphere. Source: P’ti Saigon

For sure, my number 1 recommendation. Exceeds your budget? Just speed-dial Santa; I’m sure he can make something happen. That is, f you’ve been nice this year.

Bring your big Santa bellies and enjoy this deluxe buffet!

In short:

- Christmas Dinner (24th Dec): 1,950,000VND/pax

- Christmas Brunch Buffet (25th Dec): 1,250,000VND/pax

More information here.

2. Sol Kitchen & Bar D7

Truly Bali in Saigon, right? Source: Lien Sterkens

Actually wanted to spend the holidays in Bali, but your wallet disagreed? I got you. Now you can in District 7! You can enjoy resort-like scenes at Sol Kitchen & Bar, with a huge swimming pool, a poolside bar, and delicious food.

I’m sure their Latin American-inspired Christmas menu will make you say Feliz Navidad! Sorry, I had to.

Eating a Christmas menu poolside is just a different kind of flex. Source: Sol Kitchen & Bar D7

The D7 pool paradise won over a lot of hearts during last year’s lockdown with its 100K VND takeaway menu. Truffle cheeseburgers, Sunday roast, and pork belly sandwiches,... are the way to the Saigonese hearts.

If you’re looking for something other than a traditional roast turkey, then this is the spot for you. I tried it out last year, and the food was excellent.

Also, making my friends in Europe jealous of those sunny views and that bright-blue pool was even more delicious.

The entree round for last year’s Christmas menu. So good! Source: Lien Sterkens

Singing "Let It Snow" in a swimming pool? You can cross that off your bucket list. Now you only have to find a Santa bathing suit. It shouldn’t be too hard

Who knew Christmas and swimming pools would be such a good match? Source: Sol Facebook

I must note: if you’re a family, I would recommend the other options on the list more. But if you’re a young couple or group of friends looking for a sexy sunny Christmas: this is the one.

In short:

- Christmas Dinner Set Menu (24th and 25th Dec): 1,800,000VND/pax

- 2 hours free flow wine during à la carte brunch: 499,000VND/pax

- 2 hours free flow cocktail, wine beer during à la carte brunch: 699,000VND/pax

More information here.

3. Wild Thyme

Cozy decorations are ready for Wild Thyme’s boozy buffet dinner. Source: Wild Thyme FB

Is your vibe the drunk aunt or uncle feasting on all the appetizers at the Christmas party? Same. I got a suggestion for you. Wild Thyme, a Thao Dien restaurant with a breezy garden, is offering a bottomless buffet dinner that is making me feel VERY merry.

Ready for the full line-up? Seafood on ice, a salad bar, cheese a & cold cut station, appetizers, soups, a hot station, and a dessert bar. And then we didn’t even include the free-flow drinks. Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow!

Wild Thyme’s Salmon Wellington. Look at that beautiful golden brown crust! Source: Wild Thyme Facebook.

What I love most about this menu is that it’s probably the most vegan & veggie-friendly Christmas buffet. Wild Thyme has a more plant-based background, so for all those vegan & veggie Vixens: this is the buffet for you.

Just a short list of what you can expect in your Christmas stocking: cheese, salad bar, bruschettas, patatas bravas, burgers, croquettes corner, mushroom pâté, marinated olives, and veggies, soups, eggplant lasagna, gratin ratatouille, desserts.

So if you’re a true meat eater, maybe check out my other recommendations on this list.

A cozy spot to hang out with family and friends while you feast on the buffet. Source: Wild Thyme Facebook

If you’re looking for a varied Christmas buffet with lots of delicious veggies, fresh seafood, and even live acoustic carols for an affordable price: I would suggest Wild Thyme. Great for families, too! All kids, naughty or nice, under 8, can even eat for free.

In short:

- 950,000VND/pax Dinner without drinks included

- 1,190,000VND/pax Dinner & Free Flow (non-alcoholic soft drinks)

- 1,790,000VND/pax Dinner & Free Flow (soft drinks, beer, red & white wines, cocktails)

- 2,190,000VND/pax Dinner & Free Flow (soft drinks, beer, red & white wines, cocktails & French Bubbles/Prosecco)

- Kids under 8y eat for free, above 8y for only 550,000/pax

- This event will be live only on December 24 & 25th and starting at 6:30 pm.

More information here.

4. Chanh Bistro Rooftop Saigon

Can’t beat that view on Lý Tự Trọng street. Source: Chanh Bistro FB

Looking for a more classic Christmas menu? Chanh Bistro Rooftop is the place to be. The gorgeous rooftop restaurant looks out over the bustling Lý Tự Trọng street.

If you’re craving a traditional turkey, you can order a small or bigger roasted turkey to share with a group of people. The small whole bird comes out to 650K VND per person. Not bad, right? Just bring an apron, take a picture holding the plate, and you can act like you slaved away in the kitchen all day. All the fun, none of the clean-up? Count me in.

Next to their great deal on turkey, they also have lots of festive à la carte options. The rooftop bistro even has two festive four-course menus. Truly, they have everything you need to satisfy even the most indecisive person at your Christmas party.

Can’t beat that view on Lý Tự Trọng street. Source: Chanh Bistro FB

Have a great view at home? They also do takeaway and delivery on their Christmas menu – the perfect option if you were really committed to convincing people you made it yourself. Or if you just want to cozy up at home with a Christmas movie. I suggest Home Alone.

BTW: most sleigh-accessible option out of all this list. Santa, if you’re reading this.

In short:

- Small Whole Turkey: 2,600,000VD (+400,000VND for sides ) about 3 - 4 kg before roasting, good for four people.

- Big Whole Turkey: VND4,990,00VND (+800,000VND for sides) about 7 - 9 kg before roasting, good for 8 - 10 people.

- Individual portions also available: 499,000VND/ serving

- Free flow package including house wine, Tiger draft, standard spirits + mixer: 499,000VND/pax for 2 hours

More information here


The wine bar offers a bit more intimate dining for Christmas. Source: LỬA Facebook

Have plans for Christmas Day but still have a thousand other Christmas dinners planned? Then I suggest LỬA. The eatery & wine bar are running their festive set menu from the 23rd until the 30th, but not on Christmas Day.

Located in a quiet neighborhood in D2, the private and humble wine bar is the perfect setting for a more intimate festive dinner. What’s unique about LỬA is that they offer on serving farm-to-table food. Serving up best of what Vietnam has to offer in terms of produce, you can look forward to seasonal, homemade, and local ingredient-driven dishes.

Opening their Christmas menu on a fresh and creamy note. Source: Lua FB

A little teaser for what’s on the Christmas menu: this gorgeous Cherry Tomatoes Compote and Smoked Ricotta Cheese Tart. It’s nice to see their bestsellers make a jolly appearance on the menu.

The next course, the charcuterie boar cold cuts, are even made by LỬA themselves!

The homemade charcuterie boar cold cuts. Source: Lua FB

Definitely one of the more affordable Christmas menus while getting a high-quality homemade festive menu in return. Maybe not the place for the entire extended family or your friend group of 15+ people, but perfect for those cozy Christmas dinners with your closest loved ones.

Don’t forget to sip some of their delicious biodynamic wines!

In short:

- 4-course Christmas and New Year's Feast Menu from 23rd December to 30th December 2022: 950,000/pax

- Not open on 25th of December

More information here

Enjooooooy this festive guide.

Hope you find the right Christmas dinner for your holiday needs.


From your Secret Santa,