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Nov 29, 2023

Inflow Secures $2M Funding To Revolutionize Fashion Supply Chain

Inflow revolutionizes fashion supply chains with advanced tools, simplifying processes, speeding up market entry, and ensuring production advantages.
Inflow Secures $2M Funding To Revolutionize Fashion Supply Chain

Khanh Le, Founder and CEO of Inflow | Source: Khoa Nguyen for Vietcetera

Inflow, the tech-driven fashion supply chain platform, has successfully raised $2 million in a seed funding round, with support from notable investors such as AppWorks, 500 Global, January Capital, Spiral Ventures, and Saison Capital.

The funding injection aims to empower fashion brands of all sizes by leveraging the advantages of Vietnam’s central position in the global supply chain. Inflow addresses critical supply chain challenges in the fashion industry, offering solutions to opaque supplier networks and inefficient project management in the design-to-production cycle.

Khanh Le, Founder and CEO of Inflow, envisions a future where the latest runway trends seamlessly transition to retail racks in record time. Le states, “Our platform is more than a supply chain solution; it’s a fashion revolution, democratizing access to quality manufacturing and ethical production.”

Source: Inflow

Inflow taps into the garment production strengths of Vietnam and Southeast Asia, providing full visibility into the supply chain. The platform boasts a user-friendly dashboard with real-time tracking, offering inventory forecasts, data-driven factory matching, and merchandise management features. With a production network comprising over 150 pre-vetted ethical manufacturers and suppliers in Vietnam, Inflow enables fashion brands to compete on a level playing field.

The platform’s factory matching capabilities reduce sample production to a rapid 7-day process with a 45-day turnaround for various fabrics and designs. Inflow also supports small-batch orders with low minimum quantities, starting from 50 units, allowing brands to scale production based on market response.

In the past year alone, Inflow witnessed a revenue surge of more than 15x, attracting over 80 fashion brands across Southeast Asia for their garment design-to-production needs.

Source: Inflow

With this recent funding round, Inflow plans substantial investments in design R&D and developing new technologies for supply chain and manufacturing. The company aims to enhance its product offerings, enabling brands to bring new designs to market within 30 days at minimum order quantities of 50 pieces.

As Vietnam’s garment exports hit $27.7 billion in 2023, Inflow collaborates with global brands seeking to expand into Vietnam and Southeast Asia, facilitating the reach of local players to global customers.

Notably, AppWorks, a venture capital fund from Taiwan, expressed enthusiasm for the investment. Mr. Jamie Lin, Chairman and Partner of AppWorks, stated, “Inflow is paving the way for a future where dynamic and innovative fashion manufacturing becomes a reality.”

Vishal Harnal, Managing Partner at 500 Global, emphasized the potential of Inflow’s fashion supply chain technology, stating, “Inflow could capture this huge onshoring opportunity for Vietnam through a connected, convenient, and scalable platform.”