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NOSH Saigon 2019 Announces Star Studded Chef Lineup For Its 5 Year Anniversary


Now in its fifth consecutive year, NOSH is hosting an industry-leading line up of chefs this 29th and 30th of May at GRAIN Cooking Studio, bringing together the ever-changing food and beverage industry in Vietnam with a USA and Gastromob-themed dinner celebration.

This year, experience a USA-themed dinner on 29th May headlined by chefs Tristan Ngo of Skewers, Peter Cuong Franklin of Anan Saigon, Calvin Bui of El Camino and Gabe Boyer of Soul Burger.

On 30th May, the Gastro Mob themed dinner features Julien Perraudin of Quince Saigon, Arnaud Daleau from the Park Hyatt Saigon, Camilla Bailey of MAD House, and George Bloomfield of Stoker.

This rockstar group of chefs only comes together a few times a year. Don’t miss it!

In recognition of this milestone, Vietcetera met with NOSH founder Bien Nguyen to understand how this annual concept got its start and why his team believes that the program has room to grow in the years to come.

How did you come up with the idea to establish NOSH?

I started a restaurant and bar association in 2006, which now has evolved into what we know as NOSH today. We have been involved with the concierge association since 2006 as well. All of these efforts are about being involved in the industry community to break down the barriers of the venues feeling like they are competing against one another. We want to collectively bring up the energy of the industry.

Bien Nguyen

Why is there a need for NOSH in Vietnam?

Quite simply, the need was to build up the industry community. I wanted to bring like-minded chefs together from different venues to come and create a menu and execute together. In our industry we are always too busy at our own venues. There are too few opportunities for collaboration.

NOSH gives chefs the opportunity to get to know each other and be creative with industry colleagues. I’m a big fan of industry collaboration. I see other restaurants and bars as competition, but also as partners to drive the industry and to hold each other accountable for producing the best for Vietnam.

Why should diners come check out what’s on offer at NOSH?

The second point of NOSH is for us to give back something special to the diners of Saigon by offering a unique experience of 4 or 5 chefs from different venues donating their time and energy away from their own restaurants to execute one menu together.

Beyond the generous time of our chefs, NOSH would not be possible without our sponsors like Celliers d’Asie, Lighthouse Group, Classic Fine Foods and Meatworks…

How do you see it evolving over the next few years?

NOSH is one of many programs that our teams at CHC and Vietcetera will be rolling out in the coming months. NOSH used to be an annual program, we’re now expanding that scope to become quarterly. We’ll also be launching an exciting new annual program focused on celebrating the diversity, accessibility, and identity of the Vietnamese food and beverage industry. We will also be rolling out programs together with this initiative that focuses on the every day diner in Saigon. Details on that will be coming out shortly.

More information about the event can be found here.

Book your ticket now:
Price: 2.200.000VND/person/night (all inclusive)
Inbox: Nosh Saigon or Grain Cooking Studio
Call: (+84) 909 904 636
or Pop by GRAIN Cooking Studio counter,
Level 3, 71-75 Hai Ba Trung, D.1, HCMC.

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