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Apr 04, 2024

Trịnh Lữ’s Essential Guidance For Success

Have A Sip podcast features translator and artist Trịnh Lữ to share four practical tips aiming to help the young enhance their personal growth in 2024.
Trịnh Lữ’s Essential Guidance For Success

Source: Vietcetera

Editor’s Note:

As we journey further into the year, it’s a perfect time to reflect on our aspirations. Though Trịnh Lữ’s advice was initially framed for the new year, its wisdom remains timeless. Whether amidst the blossoms of spring or facing the winds of change, these insights offer guidance for exploring our consciousness and living authentically.

Trịnh Lữ is known as a skilled translator, having produced several literary translations that have contributed to reading culture. He is also a talented artist whose work is exhibited in New York.

In this episode Have A Sip, Trịnh Lữ offers four pieces of advice that can assist you in calming your mind and exploring your subconscious and consciousness more deeply.

Don’t worry if you pay too much attention to the outside world

Trịnh Lữ’s cherished moment occurs at the start of the season, when he receives freshly picked flowers adorned with morning dew, allowing him to create lotus-themed paintings. Upon unwrapping the carefully packaged lotus, inspiration strikes, and the vision for the painting, including its composition, sketch, and colors, instantly comes to mind.

When drawing, it’s important to observe the surroundings carefully to understand what needs to be included in your artwork and which details are essential.

Using only one bunch of lotus, Trịnh Lữ can create 3 distinct drawings depicting the lotus flower in various stages. | Source: Tạp chí Nghệ Thuật

This also prompts him to contemplate life’s aspects. Many believe in the importance of self-discovery and understanding one’s thoughts and desires without overly fixating on external influences.

However, he feels that to truly grasp the external environment, one must first closely attend to one’s own subconscious and mind. Understanding oneself is key to understanding the world outside.

If you find yourself distracted sometimes, engage in something enjoyable to relax and clear your mind, like opening a nice bottle of wine or brewing a cup of tea. Uncle Ho often employs this practice to calm down and gain clarity in his thoughts.

Foundational knowledge is actually what we need to learn

In the era of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), individuals often feel their knowledge is inadequate, leading them to continuously pursue new classes and information, even without truly mastering it.

"I hope the younger generation will consistently encourage one another to uphold essential values". | Source: Vietcetera

But is it necessary? He suggests that we can avoid succumbing to FOMO by focusing on grasping the fundamental principles. With a strong foundation, we become self-aware and discern what is beneficial or detrimental.

Once we establish the foundation, we’ll recognize that additional elements are often merely superficial, needlessly complicating what is inherently simple. This is all because of people’s inclination toward ‘naming.’ In his view, new names, definitions, or theories simply augment existing concepts. However, assigning a name to them tends to amplify their significance.

Put your genuine heart into everything you do

When you engage in actions, do so with genuine intentions. Avoid using one thing as a means to another end or viewing something solely as a tool for achieving success. Such attitudes often lead to suffering.

This advice holds true in matters of love as well. He contends that if calculations of personal gain drive our affection for someone, then it cannot be considered genuine love.

Take a few minutes to reflect on yourself before the new year

Each individual has their own path and limits. The period around the lunar new year offers a chance for self-reflection, allowing us to step away from external distractions and resist their influence.

Trịnh Lữ’s appearances on Have A Sip with host Thuy Minh across three seasons unveil three different stories intended for the younger generation. | Source: Vietcetera

In these serene moments, he hopes everyone will spare a few minutes to reflect on their thoughts and experiences from the past year. From this introspection, we can ponder whether to persist with our current mindset in the upcoming year.

If affirmative, how can we adapt to unlock new opportunities and broaden our perspectives? Conversely, if not, consider how we might change our thoughts and attitude to achieve a successful 2024.

Translated by Thúy An

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