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May 03, 2024

Vietnamese Local Brands Taking Vietnam’s Fashion To The Global Stage

These brands and designers are transforming the “Made in Vietnam” label into a symbol of innovation and creativity, bringing Vietnam to the global stage.
Vietnamese Local Brands Taking Vietnam’s Fashion To The Global Stage

Global celebrities in Vietnamese Local Brands

Europe’s influence on the fashion world is undeniable, particularly from renowned fashion capitals like Paris, Milan, and London. These cities have shaped the industry through their unique cultural materials, historical brands, and innovative ideas.

However, the substantial contributions from Asian designers, particularly those from Vietnam, should not be overlooked as they help foster a more balanced representation in the fashion industry.

“Made in Vietnam” has blossomed from its humble manufacturing roots, now showcasing our wonderful Vietnamese designers’ amazing creativity and talent. It stands as a proud emblem of a new era of Vietnamese innovation sparked by the emergence of local fashion brands that are gaining attention not only domestically but also globally. These brands offer a unique aesthetic and design philosophy, enriching the global fashion scene's diversity.

Let's explore these three Vietnamese fashion brands that have won over global fashion enthusiasts, including international celebrities, and influencers spotted wearing these designs.

Lựu Đạn Menswear

Lựu Đạn embraces the vibrant spirit of the East through the image of 'Asian bad boys,’ which is heavily influenced by the streetwear styles from iconic '90s Hong Kong films like “Young and Dangerous” and Japan's “Ichi the Killer.”

Source: Lu’u Dan

The 'Asian Bad Boy' concept in Lựu Đạn menswear is a deeply personal reflection of the life experiences of Vietnamese-American designer Hung La, the creative mind behind the brand. Growing up in a Vietnamese-American family near Washington D.C. in the 1980s, La defied traditional Asian expectations of a career in medicine or law by embracing interests like Bon Jovi, the Redskins, and Guns n' Roses, cultivating a 'bad boy' image and challenging the stereotype of the passive, nerdy Asian guy in his community. Choosing to pursue fashion was his way of defying stereotypes, given the lack of Asian representation in fashion schools and brands at that time. Having previously worked for Balenciaga and Celine, La founded Lựu Đạn amidst the George Floyd protests and Stop Asian Hate movement during lockdown. In Vietnamese, "Lựu Đạn" is derived from two unrelated words: "pomegranate" and "bullet". However, when combined, they create a colloquial term for a "dangerous man", embodying a spirit of resistance and rebellion.

Hung La, the designer behind Lựu Đạn | Source: LU'U DAN

Instead of fitting into the crowd, the designs of Lựu Đạn reshape the environment around the wearer, thereby signifying power. Elements from Japanese bōsōzoku gangs, Hong Kong triads Chinese serpents, and the Tibetan tiger are presented throughout many collections, creating a bold, punk rock vibe. More precisely, these designs embody an Asian man who radiates a commanding aura, leaving you to wonder whether he's armed with a shotgun or a sword. This image aligns with the brand's mission to redefine Asian masculinity. While Western perspectives have often portrayed Asians as either too effeminate or overly masculine. Lu’u Dan seeks to challenge these stereotypes by embracing both ends of this spectrum. This fusion allows La to express himself uniquely on a global scale, addressing perceived injustices and redefining Asian masculinity. With a unique fusion of power and rebellion, Lựu Đạn has attracted global attention, being worn by stars like Billie Eilish and Justin Bieber, and K-pop idols like Felix (Stray Kids) and Heeseung (ENHYPEN), who are Asian men themselves.

Billie Eilish wearing Lựu Đạn for MET Gala After Party 2023 | Source: @luudan_official
K-pop idol Felix (Stray Kids) wearing Lựu Đạn on stage. | Source: Street Vibe

La Lune

"Dreamlike," "Distorted," and "Strange" are keywords that define the surrealism that La Lune embraces, distinguishing it from mainstream fashion brands.

Source: La Lune

The founder of La Lune, Quách Đắc Thắng, is heavily inspired by the sci-fi genre, which has led him to infuse his creations with a sense of the otherworldly. His designs are not bound to the conventional, and he is unafraid to experiment with new elements and techniques. From tops meticulously crafted using 3D sculpting to pieces that experiment with transparency and bold cuts, adding a distinctive aesthetic that is both edgy and alluring. Despite all edgy spikes and plastic bones, a soft, feminine energy beautifully permeates through the subtle infusion of Southeast Asian symbolism. Like a silent whisper of a tale from an ancient past, dragons, moons, and bat wings dance across the stiff fabric, painting a tale of mystique and tradition that intertwines with the modern edge of the designs.

Quach Dac Thang, founder of La Lune | Source: @vickivrus

While some may think the designs are not ‘functional’ or ‘conventional’, that's precisely the unique charm of La Lune! This fashion-forward brand continuously pushes the boundaries of what is considered normal, intentionally challenging conventional fashion norms. By doing so, La Lune is not only redefining fashion standards within Vietnam but also extending its influence to the global stage. This unique personality and bold approach to fashion have helped the brand carve out a niche, appealing to daring girls, including famous music idols like Aespa and Lisa from BLACKPINK, among others.

aespa in La Lune designs | Source: La Lune
BLACKPINK Lisa in La Lune | Source: La Lune

FANCì Club

With hyper-feminine silhouettes that perfectly complement the body, designs from FANCì Club have become a powerful voice for feminism in the global fashion scene.

Source: Fancì Club

Duy Tran's local thrift shop sparked his ambition to make a more significant contribution to the fashion industry. Rather than merely collecting unique pieces, he aspired to create them. This aspiration led him to establish FANCi, a brand synonymous with innovation and feminist perspective in design. Fancì Club embodies a vibrant community of individuals who revel in the joyous dance of fashion, embracing styles that are both flirtatious and spontaneous. Fancì Club sets itself apart from other local Vietnamese brands with its hyper-feminist and daring style, crafting designs from transparent materials like nylon, spandex, and leftover mesh. FANCi goes beyond simply selecting fabrics as it artfully accentuates the body's natural allure with innovative tailoring. This approach draws positive attention to the feminine form through deliberate and elegant cutouts, redefining the female body's silhouette. In this way, the brand allows the body to style the clothing, rather than using clothes to style the body.

Duy Tran, the creative mind behind FANCì

With its unique design focus on modernity and feminism, FANCi has not only progressively stood out in the fashion scene, but also resonates with women of all ages and backgrounds who love and wish to embrace their bodies, successfully setting new standards in the industry. Hence, it's not surprising that the brand has captivated renowned international celebrities from Asia to Europe, including Devon Lee Carlson, Doja Cat, Olivia Rodrigo, Nayeon from TWICE, BLACKPINK, and most recently, Red Velvet.

Doja Cat in FANCi | Source: Getty Images
Olivia Rodrigo wearing FANCi | Source: Fanci Club