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Apr 18, 2024

We Asked Artist X.Lan 5 Questions On Have A Sip Podcast

This episode of Have A Sip features artist X.Lan, exploring her practice of cherishing tiny moments and incorporating them into her artwork.
We Asked Artist X.Lan 5 Questions On Have A Sip Podcast

X.Lan and Thùy Minh | Source: Have A Sip

In the community of illustrators, X.Lan is a well-established figure with widespread recognition.Despite struggling with verbal communication, she excels in expressing emotions and narratives through vibrant illustrations infused with personal touches.

Before pursuing artistry, X. Lan served as a lecturer at the university. In this episode of the Have A Sip podcast, viewers will learn what drove her shift to illustration and whether she had any reservations about this decision.

1. What does your drink say about you?

X.Lan opted for hot perilla, a common beverage in Hanoi. Having enjoyed it in various places before, she didn’t hesitate to choose it from the menu.

For Lan, hot perilla brings a familiar, nostalgic sense, reminding her of moments with family, childhood memories, and traditional Hanoi cuisine.

2. What motivated your transition from lecturing to art?

She worked as a university lecturer before becoming a full-time artist. Lan’s journey into illustration started with drawing for enjoyment and sharing everyday stories through her art. There wasn’t a specific moment that prompted her to change direction and pursue art; rather, it was a gradual, deliberate transition.

She created her works out of a desire to share everyday moments and stories rather than aiming for fame. However, when she made the serious shift to becoming an illustrator, she faced numerous challenges in expressing my ideas on paper due to her lack of formal drawing training.

“Whether you go slow or fast, you’ll reach your destination.” - Artist X.Lan | Source: Have A Sip

In the future, Lan aspires to expand beyond being solely a content creator and develop her skills in traditional drawing on paper. That’s why she started taking basic drawing classes. She remarked, “Though I haven’t mastered it yet, I genuinely enjoy the process and am eager to continue improving.”

3. What philosophy guides your approach to life’s purpose?

This question arose in a conversation between Lan and her friend after university graduation. They pondered life’s purpose, their mission, and what legacy they might leave behind.

After reflection, Lan reached a conclusion: “I shouldn’t aim too high. I’m just an ordinary individual, not particularly exceptional. Therefore, I shouldn’t place excessive importance on the idea of a ‘mission’.”

Furthermore, she believed it wasn’t imperative to leave a lasting legacy for humanity. Simply avoiding causing harm to others constitutes a legacy in itself. Instead, concentrate on acts of kindness toward oneself and others. That, in her view, is sufficient.

4. If you found yourself stranded alone on a deserted island, what book would you bring?

As a regular viewer of the Have A Sip podcast, Lan considered this topic every time it was presented to guests but failed to come up with an answer. Then, when she was invited to contribute to this podcast episode, she forgot to prepare.

Instead of constantly scanning the horizon, waiting to be rescued, she will take the time to sketch a passing bird or a critter emerging from the sand. These adorable moments bring her comfort and a sense of security.

When drawing, X.Lan prioritizes depicting the character rather than emphasizing the background. | Source: Have A Sip

5. What is your perspective on love and relationships?

Lan is currently working on being honest with herself and opening her heart to embrace love and to see what happens. Even if there’s no romantic love for a particular person, she will still find love in other aspects of life—like loving herself, her family, and even the characters in her paintings.

After discussions with friends about love, Lan also concluded that life is made up of moments of love mixed with struggle and pain, particularly during breakups. When we look back, these encounters are often remembered fondly. Lan feels that a lifetime love affair is not required for a meaningful existence. She believes that it is the accumulation of such small moments that actually counts.

During the conversation with host Thùy Minh, Lan consistently emphasized the significance of small moments and details in life, as they serve as an endless wellspring of inspiration for her artwork. Whether it’s the image of a dog with a runny nose or Thùy Minh feeding a cat, anything can become a painting in Lan’s eyes.

Translated by Thúy An

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