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Johan Louedec

Indoor Farming In Vietnam: From Shipping Container To Consumer

Unsustainable agricultural practices like the unmoderated use of pesticides and monocultures continue to ravage the global farming industry. However, solutions exist. They include a focus on organic farming, agroecology and permaculture, and an increased engagement with technology. To learn more about how these ideas are taking shape here in Southeast Asia, we connected with John Tran, founder of Vietnam-based GreeOx, to learn about the unique approach they are taking to indoor farming, which could revolutionize agricultural practices both here and […]

BadClay Studio: Visual Effects Made In Vietnam For The World

At Vietcetera we’re always looking for unexpected people, projects, and businesses. This feature is about an industry we had barely even heard about before and one we would certainly never expect to see here in Ho Chi Minh City. When you think about visual effects, you always have in mind Hollywood and its glamorous productions. We believed that all of the Computer-Generated Images were developed in the US, in Europe, in Korea or Japan. But some companies, like BadClay Studio, have settled here […]

Altoera: Using Artificial Intelligence And Robots For Agriculture

Vietcetera is always on the lookout for new technologies that can help lead the country to larger, more efficient scale. After speaking with Hervé Vu Roussel about Artificial Intelligence in Vietnam, we wanted to find innovative and young projects in this field. And that’s how we met Loup-Sinh Rouan. Loup is what we call a geek by definition, with an entrepreneurship fiber. He’s been into electronics since a young age and he’s been helping to develop products since the age […]

From Mercedes-Benz To Bamboo Bike

The Vietcetera team recently had the chance to ride bamboo bikes in Ho Chi Minh City. We met with Tri Pham, founder of Viet Bamboo Bike, who conceptualized the bamboo bike product a couple of years ago while working in Germany for Mercedes-Benz. We tour his company’s showroom to understand his journey of designing and manufacturing his unique line of bamboo bikes in Vietnam. How did the idea of making bamboo bike frames come to you? It came to me five years ago when I was […]

Hey Camel Ceramics: A Handmade Vietnamese Ceramics Brand

When you first walk into Hey Camel Ceramics, you can’t help but feel drawn to the objects that surround the store. It’s clear that each piece is unique and thoughtfully made. My personal favorite is the tea set with eyes, which Leandro Mercelino, the owner and artisan behind the creations, says is inspired by the Cao Dai folk religion in southern Vietnam. Hidden in an alley off Tran Quoc Toan in District 1, the store and studio offers a moment of […]

Five Movies To Learn About Vietnamese Culture

We’ve selected five movies for you to watch to discover a Vietnam you’ve never seen before. We’re not talking about the typical Hollywood Vietnam War movies. These movies are beautifully filmed and convey great scenery, amazing landscape and breathtaking aerial shots of Vietnam. Each movie goes in-depth into parts of the Vietnamese culture, history, social issues, and other narratives. Take a read of our top picks! Scent of the Green Papayas (1993) This first film by Anh Hung Tran takes places […]